Heather Ball – Money Management All-in-one-desk Reference for Canadians for Dummies (2nd Ed.)

Heather Ball – Money Management All-in-one-desk Reference for Canadians for Dummies (2nd Ed.)

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All the information you need to manage your money wisely in one great guideLooking to expand your knowledge of money management? This all-in-one resource is the tool you need. From dealing with debt and setting financial goals to starting a small business and planning your estate, this indispensable desk reference is bursting with sound financial advice. Our Canadian financial experts offer the insight you need for making first-class money-management decisions.
  • Setting financial goals — determine your money personality and set a financial course that works for you
  • Getting yourself out of debt — tackle credit problems and expense issues to set yourself on the right path
  • Buying and selling a home — get the home of your dreams for the best price and sell your house easily and profitably
  • Understanding investing essentials — explore your options to make the most of your money
  • Building wealth through stocks, bonds, and mutual funds — buy the most profitable investment vehicles no matter what the economic climate
  • Planning your retirement — build your RRSPs to enjoy a comfortable retirement free from money worries
  • Readying your estate — ensure that your estate is properly managed and safe from taxes
  • Starting a small business — set out on an entrepreneurial adventure with everything you need to be successful
“An indispensable reference guide.” —Mike Gillespie, Canwest News ServiceOpen the book and find:
  • How to manage your money to meet your goals
  • Budget tips to help you save more
  • How to reduce the taxes you pay
  • Expert tips on buying your perfect home
  • The best investments for your personality and goals
  • How to build a diversified portfolio
  • The scoop on how much you’ll need to retire comfortably
  • Essential information on estate planning
  • What you need to succeed in small business

Table of Contents

Introduction 1Book I: Taking Stock of Your Financial Situation 7Chapter 1: Your Financial Snapshot 9Chapter 2: Setting Financial Goals 23Chapter 3: Distinguishing Needs from Wants 33Chapter 4: Saving Smartly 43Chapter 5: Spending Wisely 49Book II: Money Management Basics 59Chapter 1: Getting Credit (Where Credit Is Due) 61Chapter 2: Getting Into Debt 69Chapter 3: Getting Out of Debt 85Chapter 4: Budgeting and Record Keeping 113Chapter 5: Planning for the Inevitable: Taxes 137Book III: Home Sweet, Home Free 145Chapter 1: Deciding to Buy 147Chapter 2: Discovering Your Perfect Home 173Chapter 3: Getting the Home You Want 201Chapter 4: Deciding to Sell 221Chapter 5: Preparing to Sell Your Home 243Chapter 6: Sealing the Deal 261Book IV: Investment Fundamentals 289Chapter 1: Setting Realistic Goals and Expectations 291Chapter 2: Your Savings Choices: Savings Accounts, Tiered Accounts, and GICs 299Chapter 3: Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, and Real Estate 305Chapter 4: Monitoring Your Progress 327Chapter 5: Becoming an Effective Investor 337Book V: Making Your Investments Work for You 345Chapter 1: Buying Mutual Funds 347Chapter 2: Types of Mutual Funds 373Chapter 3: The Essentials of Stock Investing 395Chapter 4: Before You Get Started with Stocks 413Chapter 5: Buying and Selling Stocks 433Chapter 6: Investing in Bonds 447Chapter 7: Screening Mutual Funds Online 459Chapter 8: Internet Stock Screening 467Chapter 9: Valuing Bonds Online 475Book VI: Somewhere over the Rainbow: Retirement Planning 485Chapter 1: Getting Started with Your RRSP 487Chapter 2: What to Expect from Your RRSP 503Chapter 3: Your RRSP Strategy 513Chapter 4: Withdrawing Money from Your RRSP 529Chapter 5: The Time Has Come to Cash In! 537Book VII: Estate Planning 553Chapter 1: Estate-Planning Basics 555Chapter 2: The Taxman Cometh: Taxes and Your Estate 563Chapter 3: Creating an Estate Plan 585Chapter 4: Reading and Understanding a Will 617Chapter 5: Power of Attorney and Your Living Will 633Book VIII: Taking Care of Business 649Chapter 1: Show Me the Money: Sourcing Financing for Your Business 651Chapter 2: So Long and Thanks for All the Cash 671Chapter 3: Paying Your Dues: All about Taxes 689Chapter 4: Close Encounters with Accounting 707Chapter 5: When Your Business Springs a Leak 723Appendix A: Your Personal RRSP Planner 733Appendix B: Prepare to Meet Your Lawyer 735Appendix C: Instructions for Your Executor 747Appendix D: Inventory for Your Executor753Appendix E: Sample Business Plan 759Index 781

Author Information

Andrew Bell is a host on Business News Network.Andrew Dagys and Paul Mladjenovic co-wrote Stock Investing For Canadians For Dummies.Tony Ioannou and Heather Ball co-wrote Buying and Selling a Home For Canadians For Dummies.Margaret Kerr and JoAnn Kurtz are lawyers and entrepreneurs.John Lawrence Reynolds is a best-selling author.Kathleen Sindell is a professor and consultant. 

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