G.C.Selden – Psychology of the Stock Market (1912)

G.C.Selden – Psychology of the Stock Market (1912)

Whether you’re up or down at the moment, one fact remains: the stock market is actually 75% psychological and only 25% financial.

THE PSYCHOLOGY OF THE STOCK MARKET: Human Impulses Lead To Speculative Disasters is a brief, but fascinating guide about what really influences the way the financial markets behave.

Author G.C. Selden examines how to stay emotionally neutral in making investment decisions whether you’re buying or selling – and how financial markets are driven by deep-rooted emotions such as fear, greed, and panic.

Paying particular attention to the role that investor psychology plays in the movement of the market and individual stocks, THE PSYCHOLOGY OF THE STOCK MARKET is full of investment advice and unaffected wisdom, which remain relevant in today’s marketplace.


2012 Reprint of 1919 Edition. Exact facsimile of the original edition, not reproduced with Optical Recognition Software. A groundbreaking study of investment psychology. When this book was originally published in 1912, Selden’s idea that “movements of prices on the exchanges are dependent to a very considerable degree on the mental attitude of the investing and trading public” was still a novel notion. It is now an established fact. Though published in 1912, Selden’s book could have been written yesterday. This makes complete sense, as the main topic – human psychology – has not changed at all in the past century.


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G.C.Selden – Psychology of the Stock Market (1912)

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