Forex Good Vibrations System

Forex Good Vibrations System

The Forex market is no different. It is a dynamic living market where the price and activity levels
are NEVER still and they vibrate at different frequencies (beats) depending on the day of the
week, the time of the day and the actual currency traded. Some traders refer to this as the
currencies volatility but if one digs deeper you will find something much more meaningful than the
currencies basic volatility. You will find the currencies vibration level.Now this information is literally proven to be gold to Forex Traders who know how to plan their
entries and exits based on that knowledge.


The extremely simple technique was discovered by Expert4x traders who were scalping the
Asian, European and US markets over many years. They found that when scalping the price
would consistently and suddenly reverse for no apparent reason. After studying this previously
unexplained behaviour they discovered that the market has a beat or vibration rate law that it
adheres to – the Good Vibration technique session trading scalping (2 TO 3 HOURS) was
discovered!!It’s so Simple to trade

Charts:   Because of it simplicity this technique can be traded on simple 5 minute bar charts
using NO indicators what so ever. Any charting system can therefore be used


Trading process:

Trading follows a simple 2 step process:

1.        Mechanically identify the trade setup (at any one time most currencies have
1 or 2 of these)

2.        Enter a pending order with a predetermined Entry, Stop, Target and
Following stop (This makes all transactions set and forget, so there is no
emotional decision making required)

This can be done on any Broker platform at any time of day. Stops and targets can
vary from 12 to 50 pips depending on the vibration rate at the time of trading. Ideal for
experienced and beginner traders.

If you can follow these basic steps this system is for YOU


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Forex Good Vibrations System

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