Jeffrey Kleintop – Market Evolution

Jeffrey Kleintop – Market Evolution

Today’s investors face a challenging environment like none before. The factors that affect financial markets are evolving rapidly and the changes may surprise unprepared investors with investment performance that is below the average of recent decades. Jeffrey Kleintop, author and financial expert, understands that these conditions place a premium on adaptation and innovation-making proactive investment decision-making more valuable than ever. He also knows that in today’s investment environment, a new approach to active portfolio management-one that incorporates both strategic and tactical allocations to various asset classes-is necessary to exploit opportunities, manage risk, and achieve financial goals. In Market Evolution, Kleintop offers his unique view of today’s financial markets and the trends that may shape investment performance during the next ten years. This book is a practical guide that provides investors with the robust framework that they need to meet the challenges of this new market environment and win.

Jeffrey Kleintop (Philadelphia, PA) is the Chief Investment Strategist of PNC Advisors, one of the largest wealth managers in the United States. He is also the coportfolio manager of PNC’s Advantage Portfolios. Recently named by the Wall Street Journal as one of “Wall Street’s Best and Brightest,” Mr. Kleintop is regularly quoted in many national publications, such as BusinessWeek and the New York Times. He is also a regular guest on national radio and television financial programs.


From the Inside Flap

Today’s investor faces a challenging environment like none before. The factors that affect financial markets are evolving rapidly, and the changes may surprise unprepared investors with investment performance that is below the average of recent decades. The evolution of the financial markets has created an environment in which adaptation and innovation are the essential traits for meeting the challenges of this new era.

Market Evolution provides you with a foundation of knowledge and tools that, when combined with its specific insights and suggestions, will help you to create an entirely new and market-driven portfolio necessary to profit in the new market environment. Written by Jeffrey Kleintop, a leading investment strategist pegged by the Wall Street Journal as one of “Wall Street’s best and brightest,” this book’s proactive approach to exploiting profitable opportunities and managing risk in the coming decade reveals:

  • Why dividends are replacing earnings as the primary driver of stock returns
  • How the change in the direction of interest rates, the drivers of earnings growth, and the baby boomer impact on the workforce and savings are transforming the markets—and what you can do to profit from that transformation
  • Six asset allocations, using traditional assets, that provide the full spectrum of long-term risk and return objectives
  • How to incorporate alternative investments such as hedge funds and private equity into a portfolio of traditional assets
  • A technique for redefining asset-class style, from the traditional growth and value bases to defenive (high quality) and cyclical (low quality)
  • Strategies for successfully combining active investing with ETFs, index funds, and other passive investments
  • Web sites and resources that contain updated tactical asset allocation data with guidelines on interpreting the numbers

Financial markets are undergoing an evolutionary shift away from the patterns of the past, and your investment strategies must be able to adapt to this fluid and challenging environment. But instead of rigid, cookie-cutter approaches, what will work in the future is an adaptive approach to managing risk that combines in-depth analysis and modeling with hands-on experience and judgment.

Market Evolution provides you with just such an approach, detailing where we have been, where we are headed, and what you must do to realize the greatest asset growth from now through 2015. This straightforward guide integrates an adaptive, market-based framework for portfolio construction with a heightened degree of tactical adjustment, to help you effectively see and manage risk, uncover and exploit opportunities, and successfully achieve your long-term financial goals.

From the Back Cover

A powerful framework for adapting your investing program to new market realities—and opportunities

“Jeffrey Kleintop is one of Wall Street’s best long-term thinkers. And in Market Evolution, he lays out a comprehensive, no-nonsense—and long-term vision of what investors can expect in the coming years.”
—Paul J. Lim, Chief Financial Correspondent, U.S. News & World Report

“In a market saturated with information and how-to books, investment strategist Jeffrey Kleintop helps investors focus on the important principles of investing. In his book, Market Evolution, he lays out, in understandable terms, the way to create an investment plan, manage a portfolio, and make it all work through the next decade. It is a must-read for investors.”
—Gene G. Marcial, senior writer and “Inside Wall Street” columnist, BusinessWeek

“Thorough and topically up-to-date, Market Evolution provides a very good overview of today’s financial markets.”
—Dr. Maury N. Harris, Chief US Economist, UBS Securities

“Investors of all levels of sophistication will greatly profit from Jeffrey Kleintop’s insights. Market Evolution provides practical advice on the increasingly dynamic world of finance.”
—Jason Trennert, senior managing director and chief investment strategist, International Strategy & Investment Group (ISI)


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Jeffrey Kleintop – Market Evolution

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