Jason Fielder – The Correlation Code

Jason Fielder – The Correlation Code

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The Correlation Code is a forex trading system that exploits the correlation patterns between currencies pairs which have been happening every minute in the forex market.Unlike most technical indicators trading system, The Correlation Code system is based on unchangeable universal fundamental laws.Example of such universal laws : “When temperatures INCREASES, sales of ice cream INCREASE as well”Jason Fielder has spent 12 months analysing 82 different forex strategies based on exploiting “The Correlation Secret“. After a series of trial testing, 8 profitable and consistent correlation strategies were picked to form the Entire “The Correlation Code” Trading SystemHere are the main benefits of using The Correlation Secret system against other trading system1. Correlation Trading is very easy to identify and trade2. Correlation Trading is backed by proven, timeless, universal market fundamentals which give you a very high winning accuracy3. Correlation Trading gives you the PREDICTABLE VOLATILITY you need to trade with confidence and accuracy 

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