Chris D’Ambra – Pro Online Trader. Trade Like a Pro (Video 1.30 GB)

Chris D’Ambra – Pro Online Trader. Trade Like a Pro (Video 1.30 GB)

Chris D’Ambra – Pro Online Trader. Trade Like a Pro (Video 1.30 GB)

Chris D’Ambra – Pro Online Trader. Trade Like a Pro (Video 1.30 GB)

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From the main menu, you’ll have 12 options to choose from. First you’ll learn how to short stocks. Then in the following sections, you’ll be shown step by step how each of the indicators taught work and how they work together. You’ll learn that making money in the stock market as a very short term trader involves being able to time trades by having a clear fundamental understanding of technical analysis – the ‘language of the stock market’. You’ll learn the power of candlestick charting and how 3 specific candlesticks and 5 candlestick patterns can key you into major reversal events that can help you time entry points extremely accurately….





Once you have a clear fundamental understanding of how candlestick charting works and how these 8 different types of candlestick formations can be extremely powerful weapons in your trading arsenal, you’ll then learn how to use them in conjunction with support and resistance level breakouts and MACD to help you identify entry points….


By this time, you now know how to time your entries. Now you need to know how to make a profit with an exit strategy. Here in this section you’ll learn how to do that with what are known as ‘Fibonacci Retracements’ and how to calculate them….


The end is where it gets fun and this is where you’re most likely going to learn something you’ve never heard of before. First, you’ll learn how to read a ‘Point & Figure’ chart. You’ll be able to find these charts for absolutely free right on a very popular website that you’ll see in the video. You’ll learn just the basics in terms of how to back up a potential entry by quickly checking to see if your target stock is on either a ‘Point & Figure BUY or SELL signal’….


Once you understand the basics of Point & Figure charts, then you’re going to learn probably one of the most powerful index timing signals out there. If the index a stock is in is weak, then most likely so are most stocks and buying them on the long side is a bad idea. The opposite is also true. But eventually things do turn around. Just like the old market saying, ‘the stock market has an interesting way of doing the complete opposite of what everyone THINKS it’s going to do’, you’ll learn that when this ‘Bullish % Figure’ chart is within specific levels, it sets up major buying or shorting opportunities that many times wouldn’t have even been known if you were just looking at one or two stocks out there. By knowing where an entire index is in terms of the overall momentum of all the stocks trading within it, you have just increased your trading success rate probably over 70%. And the beauty of this chart is that it takes about 10 seconds to look at it and basically know what to do as a result….


Next, you’ll learn how to set stop losses. But more importantly, you’ll learn where to place them and why it’s so important to use them. They’re easy enough to set; why not use them? That way no matter what happens with any trade you make, you’re covered and if anything goes wrong, you’re automatically protected.


Then at the end, segment eleven’s, ‘Putting It All Together’ will walk you through a couple of weeks of AMZN’s chart and take you step by step through each trade as it would have been decided using everything you’ve learned throughout the video to make each of those entry and exit decisions. You’ll quickly see not only how accurate each trading decision is, but also how easy and fast they were to make.



Of course, if you’re new to trading and you don’t know where to start, the last section will detail the best types of stocks to trade and why, and most importantly, where to find them. With the information you’re about to learn in ‘ProOnlineTrader’, you’re going to increase your chances of success trading ten fold from where you are today. Just knowing how to read a candlestick chart and how the shown candlestick signals work can help you time trades many times more accurately than you’re probably doing now. And as you’ll learn, all this stuff can be figured out in all of about a few minutes or less.

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